Real dirt: Answer Elite 2017 kit

Real dirt: Answer Elite 2017 kit

Answer gets it right!

The latest 2017-spec ANSR kit looks good and fits well

By Dave Willet. Photos Adam Duckworth

This is one clothing company that has changed its image over the past few years and its kit is looking much fresher. In recent times it may have not been cutting-edge in the image department – certainly when you compared to how cool the brand was back in the day. But now they’re back on the right track and making kit that’s really cool again. Well, that’s my opinion anyway!

I've had the pleasure wearing the kit for a few season now and I really like it - not only in image but also how well it fits. The Elite midrange setup is on point regarding pricing and I wanted to try this kit as it looks fine. It's not the high end kit but you wouldn't know that at first glance as the kit looks equal to the rest of the range. But at a recommended price of £175 for gloves, shirt and pants, it’s not too costly compared to its rivals.

Yep, looking good. Just one thing missing there, Dave...

This brand is pushing forward and I think it's on the money for 2017. I like the fit and its 2017 sizing is much better than previous years. I found the kit would be a little tight in the sizing a few years ago then last year it was the exact opposite. Not massively baggy but around the knee and leg it seemed too spacious.

I'm pleased to say all the areas are what I think are sized correctly for 2017 and fits and function perfectly. I found no restriction when riding and I ride with knee braces. Also I didn't feel the kit was hanging off me either which is good.

The Answer kit fits well over knee braces

The knee pocket is correctly fitted with a leather pad and the high-end material used in this area stretches and strengthens. The race shirt is made from a high performance lightweight waffle poly fabric and has poly mesh fabric so basically it's well vented. It feels good when on the bike and it also washes up well too!

The gloves impressed me, too. The easy-to-slip-on glove with little in the way of protection seems to be the trend nowadays and these gloves fit it well.

Styling is spot on - fresh and not too busy

The stretchy material is flexible to your hand movements when holding on and using the levers which is so important. I liked the cuffs and gel-printed finger too, so no complaints there. Overall, great kit that’s recommended.