Inside line: Dirt World

Inside line: Dirt World

Crunch time for new track

The proposed new Dirt World track needs your support in the run up to a crucial hearing

By Adam Duckworth

The date of January 11 is crunch time for the all-new outdoor sports activity park at Yarwell near Peterborough as that’s when it’s latest planning application gets heard by the local council. And there’s still time for riders to show support for the proposed Dirt World development which could be open within a few weeks of the date.

The venue is an old motocross track that was used in the 1990s by the AMCA and is a great all-weather venue, and it will be turned into a purpose-built action park that includes an off-road motorcycle track open for practice year round on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

And there will also be tracks for mountain bikes, 4x4s, mud running and general hire for corporate training days, plus jet wash bays, log cabins for the café and signing on plus proper toilets as well as first aid and paramedics. It will be fully marshalled and they even plan to hire out equipment and offer training.

The plans are detailed and look good

Two motocross riders are heading up the project on the 44-acre site. Thomas Brutnell and Dominic Martin have spent six years working with solicitors and planners, other tracks which already have permission, and lots of environmental agencies to make a very detailed plan. There are plans for dust, watering the track, insurance and lots more. He also has letters of support from many companies such as the ACU, MCF, LARA, country parks, bicycle and motorcycle shops, clubs and lots of individuals.

Martin said: “I want to be part of bringing a great facility, on par with the Belgian facilities I've been to, to the UK. In America they have training camps. I'd love to see that here, where riders both mountain and motocross, come to train with sports coaches so they can come along in the morning, do some gym work, then a bicycle training route whether that be endurance training on the road or technical skills within the park.

Imagine riding here soon! It could be a reality of you show support

“I've got so much out of the motocross and mountain biking sports through the years, I've met some incredible people as a result. I just want to give something back, something for everyone from beginner to professional. And I've got that much passion that I know I can make it good!”

Top track builder Johnny Douglas Hamilton has had a look at the site and says: “I can see no reason why you wont have one of the best tracks in the country. Clearly you are not going to have a Hawkstone hill in there, but the soil is excellent and there are some elevation changes to be used as well as greenery to give the place character."

A few bikes have been run for noise testing

With more than 15,000 hours of time and personal financial investment by the two men determined to bring a positive facility to the fore, there’s still time to add your support. All you have to do is click HERE and add your support.
Martin says: “We feel strongly that the positives on the project should be focused on. The park will be a privately funded sports and activities centre encouraging people to get outdoors, socialise and improve their health and wellbeing, generating jobs and boosting the economy of the surrounding area and supporting local businesses. The local authority would receive business rates from a site that presently provides no income.”