Real dirt: Leatt clothing

Real dirt: Leatt clothing

Leatt’s stylish alternative

Protection firm Leatt breaks into clothing and it looks and feels good

By Dave Willet. Photos Adam Duckworth

Leatt may be famed for its neck braces but is now making a big impact into the motocross scene as the brand expands into the off-road protection market. They now helmets, body armour, knee braces, gloves and are all highly rated.

Last year they launched a few new products and one of these was a high-tech new helmet. To be totally honest, some people loved its looks but others didn’t. And of course, the fitment wasn't to everyone's liking as we all have different shape heads. Since then they've developed a newer range which we'll receive in February to test.

More recently Leatt have upped their game by stepping into clothing. The kit setup range comprises the 4.5 and 5.5 series – with the 5.5 officially being the higher spec.

The knees are double strength for durability

Mixing up the different range isn't an issue as they are interchangeable and I've been using a 4.5 top with 5.5 trousers. I've tried the kit for a while now and it's holding up well through the winter - and more importantly is washing good too!

The styling and quality is good and the clothing certainly innovates with its fresh design, new modern features and good technology in materials. When you first put the kit on you feel the quality. I'm a fan of the more fitted kit as it stretches in the right areas and trust me I've tested it to the limit!

The kit is stylish and wears well

The pants have a four-way stretch design and they are made up of 75% lightweight ventilated diamond stretchy material. The 5.5 pants have a inner knee system which basically is a extra panel sewn inside to offer more durability and it's a winner, especially if you use knee braces.

It's very impressive and you only notice the extra material when you take them off as they don't get in the way when riding. In fact you can really grip the bike well with your knees. Leatt use a special Nano grip material and I'm a fan.

The attention to detail second to none and even the inner waist has a 360-degree silicone line to stop your pants from falling down.

Looking good!

The shirt I've been using is the GPX 4.5 Lite and that's because the ventilation is less on this shirt compared to the 5.5 range so it's prefect for the winter. The shirt fabric is still very cooling and it feels good on but the best feature about this shirt is the stretchable collar making it perfect to stretch over Leatt neck brace!

I rate this kit highly. It looks good, wears well, feels great, offers great control and is forward-thinking in its technology.

The Leatt kit stretches when riding to help you move easily