Real Dirt: Living with a KTM 250SX

Real Dirt: Living with a KTM 250SX

Five things to love about the 250SX

Here's what we really like about the all-new KTM two-stroke

By Dave Willet. Photos Adam Duckworth

If there’s one bike that’s really set the two-stroke world alight in 2017, it’s the all-new KTM 250SX. It's no secret I'm a diehard stroke fan for a number of reason. The main one is I just find two-strokes more fun and exciting to ride.

Which brings me to KTM's new smoker generation. This bike has been revised from the ground up to produce KTM's best two-strokes ever. And after riding the bikes for months, I can confirm the hype is real. The bike really does perform out on track  and it looks the business too. Here are the five things I really love about the bike.

Loads of zippy power is ideal for skimming bumps

1 It handles

It really handles like no other two-stroke that KTM have produced, especially for a two-and-a-half. The movability around the track is incredible. This is due to a number of things but mainly the new chassis and lighter engine with a repositioned crank which offers a lower centre of gravity and better mass centralisation. You can flick it around and put it exactly where you want to.

2 That powerplant!

The power delivery is so rider-friendly - even for a 250cc two-stroke which in general aren’t exactly known to be mellow. It's not as scary as in previous years and the uncontrollable hit has gone. This doesn't mean the bike is slow because the torque is so much that third gear is an option around most of the track. Snick it into a gear higher than you think it’ll pull and use the smooth torque to cover ground fast and smoothly.

3 No vibes here!

Nasty, hand-numbing vibration is a thing of the past on this model. The old 250SX was vibey, even compared to other 250 two-strokes. But the new bike has been massively improved due to the new counterbalancer shaft.

4 Styles for smiles!

I really think the new 250SX looks the part and every bit a modern bike. The bike is small and compact for a motocross bike and it just looks the business!

Cornering is so much fun on a bike that feels so light

5 Get busy with the bling!

The aftermarket parts available to upgrade the bike are immense. The options from the KTM Power Parts catalogue makes you spoilt for choice. It really is so easy to customise this two-stroke, unlike some other manufacturers whose bikes haven’t changed for years and the availability of cool parts has not kept up. Using KTM genuine parts which aren’t cripplingly expensive, you can make it a 300cc and put a electric start if you wish!

With this in mind, I've already started to upgrade my bike with Braking brake discs front and rear, CNC machines triple clamps, new exhaust, handlebars, levers, seat, frame guard and I’ve tweaked the motor to my liking, too. More on that in MotoHead and on MotoHead’s YouTube channel soon.

Bit of airtime fun!